Daisies Publications

Our vision for Daisies Publications is an occasional series of informative pieces of interest to both parents and teachers, highlighting children's learning journeys in the context of the Daisies education and care philosophy. Please feel free to download and to disseminate widely.

How Children Learn through Schemas

by Dr Anne Meade and Lauren Ryan

How Young Children Learn Mathematics

By Dr Anne Meade and Deirdre Van Duyl.

Nature Explore

A Case Study

How Young Children Learn to Read

By Dr Anne Meade and Deirdre Van Duyl.

How Very Young Children Learn About Literacy

What is literacy in early childhood? 

By Dr Anne Meade and Sarah Sears.

How Children Learn through Relationships


Continuity of care throughout the day and continuity of education throughout the early years.

By Sarah Sears and Dr Anne Meade.


How children learn about responsibility


"Tuakana-teina" Tuakana-teina refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) and a younger (teina) person and is specific to teaching and learning in the Maori context.

By Nikki Grazier and Dr Anne Meade.